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Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

All kitchens deserve a convenient and durable faucet. With hundreds of types and styles available, picking just one is hard. But a commercial style kitchen faucet is the best option if you want professionalism and durability.

In this blog, learn more about what common faucet types you can get. Discover some of the latest trends with faucets, specifically about commercial faucets. At the same time, find out how to pick the best commercial faucet to upgrade your sink and kitchen.

Common Types of Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

These faucets are professional-style faucets that are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They have simple designs as they’re more built with purpose in mind. They typically have high spouts, which provide great clearance for large pots and pans. They also usually have pull-down spray heads to make cleaning and washing easier.

Here are the most different types of commercial faucets available today:

Swing Faucet

This faucet’s neck swings to the left and right. Because of this feature can be used in a dual-basin sink for a wide range of kitchen tasks, like dishwashing, food preparation, and more. You can usually see this type in institutional or commercial food service establishments.

Workboard Faucet

The faucet has a metal escutcheon, which is a cover plate surrounding its base. It’s commonly found in bar sinks and is ideal for a neat, clean, aesthetic sink.

Gooseneck Faucet

This faucet has a high-arched neck, like that of a goose. This is an ideal option if you have a deep sink. That’s why it’s usually used in labs and other medical applications.

Pre-Rinse Faucet

This has a very tall faucet with a high velocity, flexible spray hose to rinse dirty dishes thoroughly. This is an ideal faucet if you have a two or three-compartment sink.

Pot Filler Faucet

This faucet is placed over a stove or any dedicated area to fill pots, beverages, buckets, etc. A pot filler usually has a long neck, so it has more reach—some are even double-jointed. This makes filling large pots and pans easier, especially if they don’t normally fit in your sink.

Double-Jointed Faucet

Double-jointed faucets don’t necessarily have to be pot-fillers. A double-jointed faucet is mainly used in bar areas or any large, usually three-compartment, sink. It has a long reach and can be folded out of the way when not needed.

Newest Trends With Commercial Style Faucets

There’s always something new when it comes to kitchen faucets. It can be a new finish, design, features, and more. With commercial style kitchen faucets, here are the two primary, latest trends:

Magnetic Docking

One common issue with pull-down faucets is their drooping spray heads. Aside from looking messy, it can also splash water all over the place. But now we have magnetic docking technology.

This integrated technology keeps the spray head locked securely in place when unused. This ensures that it stays put so you can have a well-maintained sink. When you need to use the spray head, you can pull it down, and the magnet will release it. The magnet will then guide it back into position once you use it.

Sensor Technology

This offers touchless convenience and hygiene. Commercial faucets with sensors allow you to move or wave your hand or dish beneath their spouts. When motion is detected, it will automatically turn on. It also shuts off when it can no longer detect movement.

This new feature allows homeowners to conserve water and save on energy bills. Sensor-equipped faucets are also easier to use, especially if your hands are dirty.

How to Pick the Best Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet?

If you want a proper commercial faucet, you have to know what features to pay attention to and prioritize:

Durable Finish

The kitchen can get hectic, especially during mornings and special occasions. This means your faucet will be used often and need a durable finish. Most commercial faucets have stainless steel finishes. It’s a durable material resistant to corrosion, so it would be your best choice.

Style and Design

You can match your faucet to your kitchen style and decor. But keep in mind that these commercial faucets aren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing. They don’t have intricate details and designs.

Check the faucet's style and ensure it adds a sleek look to your sink and kitchen. Most commercial faucets have exposed, minimalist stainless steel designs. But you can also get them in either matte or glossy looks.

Appropriate Size

Consider the size of your kitchen sink to determine the appropriate faucet size you should get. The distance of the outlet or spray head from the bottom of the sink should be enough to avoid unnecessary splashes. Check if it has enough reach for your sink as well.

Number of Fixture Holes

The number of holes should match the number of those existing in your tap fixture. Buying a faucet with a different number of holes would be just a waste of money and time. It should be compatible with your sink and water line setup.

Smart Features

If you want a more convenient and hygienic faucet, look for smart features in your options. These can be a motion detection sensor or a magnetic docking. Features like these can make the faucet easy to use in the kitchen.


Keep in mind that expensive faucets don’t always guarantee good quality. It’s best to avoid what you think are overpriced faucets, but don’t be too frugal either. You can expect manual commercial faucets to cost at most $600, but those with more advanced features, like sensors, can cost more and up to $1,000.

It’s best to have a budget and then check the features the faucet within that budget offers. This ensures that you’re getting the value of what you’re willing to spend.


A commercial style kitchen faucet is the best upgrade for any kitchen, especially a busy one. It’s convenient to use and can blend into any kitchen design well. With new trends and features occasionally, consider all essential factors when choosing the perfect faucet. 

To check some specific models, you can visit our commercial faucet collection. We have a wide range of faucets that come in various sizes and styles and have different features from the best brands in the market!

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