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Top Ways Kitchen Storage Cabinets Can Transform Your Space

There’s a reason why the kitchen is the “heart of the home.” The kitchen is one of the house's most important and busiest rooms. Organizing it can be quite challenging due to frequent use by many people, but it's not impossible. Having a neat kitchen makes working in it more enjoyable. One way to achieve this is to use the kitchen storage cabinets to transform the space. 

Learn the most creative and practical ways you can utilize your cabinetry to maximize your kitchen. This article will share tips and ideas on using every storage space in your cabinets to keep everything organized. 

10 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Storage Cabinets to Maximize Space

Your kitchen cabinets might look ordinary, but they can offer so much more with a bit of creativity. Apply these top ways and ideas to get started: 

1. Use Pull-Out Organizers 

Make the most of your cabinets, especially those with awkward spaces. Add and use a pull-out organizer or shelves to make life easier. With pull-out units, you can easily access what you need by pulling the shelves or drawers out with one smooth sliding mechanism. You won’t have to reach items far into the back of the cabinets. 

They may come with different tiers and are usually slim. It's best to choose whichever would fit your cabinets. You can use them to store your pots and pans or for dry goods and other frequently used items. 

2. Utilize Your Vertical Space

If you don’t have many storage cabinets on your wall, don’t let that valuable wall space go unused. This is especially applicable for small kitchen spaces. You can install wall-mounted shelves, some hanging racks, or pegboards. Use them for storage and organization of your utensils, pots and pans. Hanged utensils can also serve some decorative purposes in your kitchen. 

If you want to go with shelves, choose open or floating shelves. They both look good and are extremely functional. They can give that airy feel so you can add storage and style to your kitchen. 

3. Don’t Forget Your Under-Sink Cabinet

Take note to support your under-sink space. It still offers a good amount of space that you can use for items used for cleaning instead of cooking. You can use slide-out trays as drawers or some wire baskets. Use this space to store cleaning supplies like trash bag rolls, dishwashing gloves, and more. 

4. Divide Your Cabinet Space

To maximize your cabinet spaces, break them up using dividers and organizers. You can use different styles and designs, whichever would look and fit best in your cabinets and your things. For instance, you can go for horizontal or vertical dividers. They help store and organize your narrow pans or baking sheets, making it easy to access them now and then.

Plus, this will prevent objects in your cabinets from mixing up and rattling inside. The different compartments will keep everything in place so you can find what you need quickly.

5. Lazy Susans Are Useful

It’s easy to lose things in those cabinet corners, which can be irritating, especially when you need them the most. You can use the Lazy Susan to combat this issue. If you’re unfamiliar with the item, Lazy Susan is a storage organizer that spins to make access to your objects easier. 

To avoid losing stuff in your cabinets, you can put and use a Lazy Susan in your cabinets. Everything would be within easy reach. 

6. Get Pegboards Inside Your Cabinets

The back of cabinet doors offers additional storage space you can utilize. You can add a pegboard to hang your pots, pans, ladles, and more lids. If you don’t know how to install it, here’s a quick procedure you can follow: 

  1. Measure your door’s dimensions. 
  2. Buy a pegboard and trim it to fit in those measurements. 
  3. Attach it to the door using adhesive or screws. 
  4. Add hooks or pegs that will hold your kitchen items.

After that, you can use it to keep your items out of sight.

7. Consider Getting Wine Racks

Wine enthusiasts and drinkers need a good storage space for their wine collection. If you don't like leaving them out in your counter space, consider adding wine racks inside your kitchen cabinets. You can choose for some tilted shelves or pull-out carts—both look good and practical. 

If not for wines, you can use these racks or carts for other bottled items. This will also free up your countertop space for a tidier kitchen look. 

8. Use the Top of Your Cabinets

Remember the empty spaces on the tops of your kitchen cabinets. You can stash away your rarely used kitchen items, like the serving platters you only use on special occasions or extra pantry supplies. Keep anything you don’t need just yet up there. 

If you’re worried about how it will look, you can use well-designed baskets to hide them away. Just make sure to look for ones that would complement the overall look of your kitchen. 

9. Choose Elevated Cabinets

Aside from using open or floating shelves on your wall space, you can also go for tall, slim cabinets. Choose tall cabinets if you're beginning a kitchen cabinet project or improving your kitchen. They make your space look bigger and provide more storage for your kitchen stuff.

10. Be Clever With Color

To fully transform your kitchen, you have to make it appealing to the eyes. Color can even make a small kitchen look bigger and more airy. You can use light and neutral colors for your cabinets for openness. On the other hand, use whites and pastels for more natural light reflection. Whatever colors you choose, make sure they all belong in one color palette for a cohesive look. 


When used properly and innovatively, kitchen storage cabinets can transform your space and keep everything organized. You can make your kitchen more functional and stylish with the right ideas. Just make sure to think outside the box and make sure to make the most out of every inch of your cabinets. 

For accessories like organizers, you can visit our kitchen cabinet collection. Check out our wide range of products that can enhance your storage space! 

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