TOP 5 KITCHEN TRENDS FOR 2021 - Uptown Kitchen Sinks



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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you leave all worries aside, spend time with family, and experiment with exciting ingredients. So kitchen renovations not only improve visual appeal and home value, but they will also add that extra warmth and comfort everybody deserves. If you are looking for some renovation ideas, discover the top 5 kitchen trends for 2021:


Whether it’s a jaw-dropping wallpaper, a handmade backsplash, or a mesmerizing sink, the 2021 kitchen design is all about making a bold statement. Kitchen sinks are an especially interesting feature since they are often neglected but have the power to fully transform the space. This year’s trendiest kitchen sinks are the workstation, integrated, and farmhouse sinks. 

The best way to make your sink stand out is by matching it with the rest of the interior and experimenting with colors and textures. For example, if you want a classy kitchen, you can choose a farmhouse sink with a brass faucet, and clash it against terrazzo countertops. 


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One of the biggest interior design trends of the decade is using natural materials. From cherry cabinets to marble countertops, there truly isn’t a better way to make a statement than blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor motifs. You can accomplish this by incorporating natural materials or by opening up your kitchen to the patio with floor-to-wall glass doors. 

If you want to get your sink in on this trend, we recommend either integrated marble sink or a workstation sink. You can opt for a workstation sink with wood cutting boards along with wood holders for spices, knives, and bowls. It’s more than enough for creating a natural vibe!


Another way to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor is to create extra living space in your backyard. You can put some chairs on your patio, or go an extra mile and create a stunning outdoor kitchen. We are not talking about the simple BBQ grill and a few chairs, but beautiful islands, statement kitchen sinks, fridges, and all the needed appliances. An outdoor kitchen is perfect for homes in warmer climates. Plus, according to recent statistics, they can seriously increase your home value.


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Some people like grey and dark-toned kitchens. That’s fine by us. In fact, dark materials are one of the 2021 kitchen trends. However, there’s another trend rapidly growing as well – a warm and colorful kitchen. Think of a colorful backsplash, a patterned floor, sparkly faucets, and light wooden cabinets. Designers are even encouraging homeowners to combine contrasting colors like pink and green, and orange and blue.


Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

When someone says “modern cabinets”, most of us think of sliding doors and reflective surfaces. But this year’s modern cabinets are a little different. Experts say that beyond 2021, homeowners will use cabinetry to conceal appliances as well. This design is called a concealed kitchen. Some concealed kitchens even have smart cabinets which open and close with fingerprint sensors. 

Of course, this trend is not for every home. Many homeowners prefer to look at ovens and fridges, especially if they have a unique retro design. If you like the vintage aesthetic or simply want to keep the classy kitchen look, we recommend hardwood cabinets with a deep blue or green finish.

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