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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Kitchen Faucets with Built-in Sprayers

Have you ever waited too long for food in a packed restaurant? Cooks are hurrying around, washing dishes, filling pots, and doing their best to keep everything tidy. Regular faucets can't handle the load in commercial kitchens. That's when commercial kitchen faucets with sprayers help. 

This article is about commercial kitchen faucets with sprayers. It explains why these faucets are important in kitchens. The article also highlights some of their features and benefits. Additionally, it shows how they help kitchens operate more efficiently. If you want to cook faster, read this article. It's filled with easy tips to help you speed up in the kitchen.

What Are Commercial Kitchen Faucets?

A commercial kitchen faucet with sprayers is a large, durable tap. You'll typically find it in restaurant kitchens. Unlike home faucets, these have tall spouts and movable hoses with spray heads. This design helps clean dishes fast and fill large pots. 

Commercial kitchens also have machines, lots of storage, and big fans for cooking lots of food. These kitchens must be clean and safe. Their taps are tough and last long because they're used often. They focus on being strong and lasting, not just looking good.

What Are Built-in Sprayers?

Built-in sprayers are a type of tap. People often call them pull-down or pull-out sprayers. Their unique feature is an integrated sprayer. This design lets you pull the sprayer out from the tap. This pulling-out action helps it to reach further. When you let go, the sprayer goes back into the tap.

Built-in sprayers are useful for many reasons:

  • They're flexible: You can pull them out and move them to get the water where needed. This makes things like washing dishes or filling up pots easier.
  • They help save space: The faucet includes a sprayer, so no extra one is needed. This saves space on your kitchen counter.
  • They're simple to use: The design is straightforward, so even kitchen beginners can use them. This is useful in large kitchens with many users.
  • They help keep things clean: You can get water into hard-to-reach spots with a built-in sprayer. This is very important in a big kitchen where everything must be clean.
  • They look nice: Built-in sprayers give the kitchen a modern and professional look.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets with Built-in Sprayers

1. Pull-Down Faucets

These have a tall spout and a sprayer you can pull into the sink. They're great for deep sinks and tasks that need water up close, like rinsing big pots. One feature is their high arc, providing ample space for cleaning large pots and pans. The sprayer is easy to move around, too. The downside is they might not work well with shallow sinks because the water can splash.

2. Pull-Out Faucets

Pull-out faucets are another type. These have a sprayer you can pull out sideways. These faucets are ideal for small kitchens. Their long hose facilitates easy pot-filling and cleaning. However, the water pressure may be lower than pull-down faucets.

3. Commercial Style Faucets

Commercial Style Faucets are also common. These look like the taps you see in professional kitchens. They have a tall spout and a flexible hose you can pull down. The good thing about them is they have water pressure, which makes cleaning faster and easier. They also look professional and modern. The downside is they might be too big for some home kitchens and could cause water to splash.

4. Motion Sensor Faucets

Motion Sensor Faucets are another type. These taps turn the water on when they sense movement under the spout. The good thing is they don't need hands to operate, which can help stop germs spreading and keep the tap clean. The problem is that the sensor requires things to operate, like batteries or a plug.

Considerations for Choosing a Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Built-in Sprayer

  1. Material: Tap material matters for durability and maintenance. People like stainless steel and brass because they last long and don't rust.
  2. Design: Choose a faucet design that matches your kitchen and functions well. Consider spout height, reach, handle type, and if it fits your kitchen style.
  3. Price: Stick to your budget but consider the long-term value. A higher initial cost might save money later if the tap is durable and low-maintenance.
  4. Brand Reputation: Brands known for good products are usually a safer bet. Their history of taking care of customers adds trust.
  5. Installation: Check if you can easily fit the tap into your kitchen. Some taps might need a professional to install them.
  6. Specific Needs of the Kitchen: Think about what your kitchen needs. For example, if you often fill big pots, a tap with a tall spout and a pull-down sprayer might be helpful.
  7. Water Pressure: How much water pressure the tap can handle is also important. Ensure the tap you pick fits with the water pressure in your kitchen.
  8. Warranty: Look for warranties that cover the finish of the tap and how it works.

Top Commercial Kitchen Faucet Brands with Built-in Sprayers

LEON Kitchen Faucet by ALFI Brand

A strong and trendy kitchen tap made from solid stainless steel for long-lasting use. Features a pull-down shower spray head, one-handed control valve, and a unique spring and arm design for flexibility in use.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Certified by Uniform Plumbing Code (cUPC)
  • Recommended faucet hole diameter: 1 1/2"
  • Estimated flow rate: 1.7 gallons per minute at 60 PSI flow pressure.

Whitehaus Twisthaus Plus Bridge Faucet 

The Whitehaus Twisthaus Plus Bridge Faucet is a strong and special kitchen faucet with a classic style. This faucet has a simple design with straight lines. It includes a long swivel spout and tough cross handles. 

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • The faucet has an 8-inch spread between the handles.
  • Easy-to-use cross handles
  • Functional brass side spray
  • Long swivel spout for flexibility
  • WaterSense Compliant, saving water at 1.5 Gallons Per Minute
  • Option Finish: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Antique Brass.

Whitehaus Englishhaus Bridge Faucet

The Whitehaus Englishhaus Bridge Faucet blends vintage and modern styles, adding an elegant touch. Crafted from durable solid brass, it features dual lever handles, a swivel spout, and a reliable solid brass side spray.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Solid lever handles for easy use
  • Traditional swivel spout for flexibility
  • Solid brass side spray for added functionality
  • ADA-compliant for accessibility
  • Low lead compliant for safety
  • WaterSense Compliant with a 1.5 GPM water flow

Whitehaus Luxe+ Dual Handle Faucet

The Whitehaus Luxe+ Dual Handle Faucet is part of the Luxe and Luxe+ collection. It brings a combination of smooth lines and functionality to your kitchen. The grand gooseneck swivel spout design adds character to any decor. Available in various styles and finishes, the Luxe and Luxe+ faucets live up to their luxe name.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • "V" shaped cross style handles for easy control
  • Solid brass side spray for added functionality
  • Available in different styles and finishes

Whitehaus WHS1644-SK Commercial Faucet 

The Whitehaus WHS1644-SK Commercial Faucet is a blend of style and practicality. This lead-free faucet is constructed from solid stainless steel. It features a flexible pull-down spray head and a swivel support bar. It also includes dual control levers and provides two spray modes - stream and spray. However, this product isn't available for shipping to California.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • cUPC certified
  • Deck-mounted installation
  • Gooseneck spout with a 10.5-inch reach and 8.5-inch height
  • Dual-lever handles equipped with ceramic disc cartridge valve
  • 360-degree swivel radius for enhanced flexibility
  • Efficient flow rate of 1.5 GPM
  • Single-hole installation requirement
  • Compatible with both hot and cold water
  • Compliant with ADA, lead-free, and WaterSense standards
  • It does not include a soap dispenser or drain
  • Designed with a commercial theme


Commercial faucets with sprayers are a big help in busy kitchens. They're strong and have features like pull-down or pull-out sprayers. We looked at different types, each with its benefits. When choosing one, consider its material, look, price, and brand. Good brands offer strong and stylish faucets. To improve your kitchen's functionality, consider investing in a commercial faucet.

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