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5 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks for Your Home

Farmhouse sinks are a classic kitchen sink choice—then and now. They're also called apron front sinks. This is because of their exposed broad front panel, making them popular among home chefs. If you’ve always struggled with bending and reaching over the counter when using the sink, using a farmhouse-style sink would be ideal for you.

This article has gathered and listed the best farmhouse kitchen sinks. This will simplify the task of navigating options in the market. Explore the curated selection to find the perfect fit for your needs. Find out what features they can offer and choose the best that suits your kitchen needs. Install style and functionality in your kitchen with the top picks below!

Top 5 Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks to Upgrade Your Kitchen

1. Best Overall: Ruvati 33” RVH9733GG Terraza Farmhouse Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

Made with high-quality stainless steel, the Ruvati 33” Terraza Farmhouse Sink has a stunning finish and matte texture. Its modern rounded corner design makes the sink easy to clean. It also has a thick rubber padding to reduce the condensation under the sink. This helps minimize the noise that stainless steel sinks usually make.

You can get it in gold, copper, or black, whichever would match your kitchen style and accents the best. Enhance your kitchen with this sink, featuring accessories, quality, and design. It's a standout piece that will earn you many compliments.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 33" (wide) x 22" (front-to-back) x 9” (bowl depth)

  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 36”

  • Specific Colors/Finishes: Brass Tone Matte Gold, Copper Tone Matter Bronze, Gunmetal Matte Black

Why You Should Pick It

  • Resistant to wear and tear, fingerprints, and abrasion
  • It comes with a soundproof coating
  • Made of premium T-304 grade, 16-gauge stainless steel
  • Tested and used by many homeowners
  • It comes with mounting brackets and a bottom rinse grid
  • Includes a matching strainer drain assembly

2. Best Front Curved: Ruvati 33” RVL2398WH Fiamma Front Curved Bow Fireclay White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 

Ruvait has the Fiamma 33” Front Curved Fireclay Farmhouse Sink for a simpler yet unique option. It uses fireclay as its primary material to ensure durability and practicality. A classic farmhouse style and a modern kitchen—you get the best of both worlds with this sink. 

Artisans crafted this sink with a stylish bow design to enhance your kitchen's look. Its high-quality material resists high temperatures, acids, and common household chemicals.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 33" (wide) x 19.5" (front-to-back) x 9” (bowl depth)
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 36”
  • Specific Colors/Finishes: White

Why You Should Pick It

  • Made in Italy, where you can find true fireclay material
  • Features a smooth, powerful enamel finish
  • Resistant to chips, scratches, and abrasion
  • Its bottom has a 1-inch slope towards the drain for proper draining
  • It comes with a stainless steel bottom grid and a basket strainer drain assembly

3. Best Reversible: Whitehaus 30" WH3018 Duet Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Front Kitchen Sink

The Whitehaus 30” Duet Reversible Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is a top pick if you're looking for more versatility. Its classic farmhouse design is made with high-quality clay. This addition brings a masterpiece to your kitchen. Since it’s reversible, you can decide if you want the drain to be on the left or right.

This sink features a glazed finish that provides shine and durability to the sink for a long time. This finish makes cleaning easy. It is resistant to stains, acids, or chemical cleaners. This sink remains unaffected by extremely hot or cold water.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 30" (wide) x 18" (front-to-back) x 9” (bowl depth)
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 33”
  • Specific Colors/Finishes: White, Blue, Black

Why You Should Pick It

  • Installed in many ways: flush mount, top-mount, undermount
  • 1'' solid thick all around
  • The finish is unaffected by threatening bacteria from food preparation
  • Can’t be easily scratched with knives, pots, and pans

4. Best Large-Sized: Cahaba 36” Single Bowl Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Use the Cahaba 36” Fireclay Farmhouse Sink for a larger sink size. This single-bowl sink is made with handcrafted fireclay material. It provides timeless beauty and functionality in your kitchen. It’s even glazed on all sides to give a smooth, glossy white finish for a sleeker look. 

Constructed from a durable material, it can easily handle the weights of heavy pots and pans. With enough space, you have enough room to fit pots and utensils. You won’t even need a flange extension for this sink. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: 36 1/8" (wide) x 18" (front-to-back) x 8.5” (bowl depth)
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 39”
  • Specific Colors/Finishes: White

Why You Should Pick It

  • Non-porous surface
  • Resistant to stains, heat, scratches, and chips
  • Roomy sink space for multitasking 

5. Best Composite Material: Blanco Vintera 30" Super Single Apron Silgranit Kitchen Sink

If you’re looking for a farmhouse sink made with a different material, it’s wise to recommend the Blanco Vintera 30" Silgranit Kitchen Sink. It is made of silgranit, a high-quality material crafted from a blend of premium granite. Silgranit is composed of approximately 80% quartz sand, which is the strongest component of granite. This composition makes it durable.

It has a non-porous surface, so it’s ideal for food preparation and easy to clean. Moreover, unlike the previous sinks, this sink is available in many color options. This means you have a higher chance of getting a high-quality sink. It can blend into your kitchen style and design.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 30" (wide) x 19" (front-to-back) x 9” (bowl depth)
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 30”
  • Specific Colors/Finishes: Anthracite, Café, Cinder, Coal Black, Metallic Gray, Truffle, White

Why You Should Pick It

  • Extremely resistant to heat, stains, and scratches
  • Food-safe surface
  • Unique material and construction
  • Its apron front depth is only 6.5''


Aside from the classic beauty a farmhouse sink can add to your kitchen, sink-related tasks are easier. You have a wider room to use and work on, which you can reach without leaning over the counter. Farmhouse kitchen sinks are made of high-quality and durable materials. You can use them for a long time.

If you want more model and size options, you can visit and check out our farmhouse sink collection. Discover all the stylish sinks and accessories you can get for a more functional kitchen! 

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