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Dreaming of a new kitchen?  You are not alone!  A kitchen remodel can completely transform your home, making it not only more beautiful, but also more functional.   But before you dive headfirst into picking out fancy faucets and dreamy countertops, there are a few crucial things to consider.  Here are 5 key factors to keep in mind before you renovate your kitchen:

Needs vs. Wants:

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It's easy to get swept up in gorgeous design inspiration, but functionality should be your top priority.  Make a list of everything you dislike about your current kitchen.  Are you short on storage space?  Is the layout awkward?  Do you find yourself constantly bumping into appliances? Once you understand your pain points, you can brainstorm solutions that will truly improve your kitchen experience.  Don't forget to factor in your lifestyle - are you a master chef or a quick-meal kind of cook?  Does your family need a big breakfast bar for morning chaos?

 The Magic of the Layout:

 Once you know your needs, consider your layout options.  Is your current footprint ideal, or do you want to explore opening things up or knocking down walls?  Think about the "kitchen triangle" - imaginary path between the sink, stove, and refrigerator.  An efficient triangle minimizes wasted steps while cooking.  There are many popular layouts to consider, like L-shaped kichens for maximizing counter space or galley kitchens for smaller spaces.


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Budgeting for Beauty

Kitchen remodels can range from budget-friendly refreshes, such as painting tired-looking cabinet fronts or replacing a dated faucet, to full blown renovations.  Be realistic about your budget and prioritize your spending.  While that top-of-the-line oven might be tempting, you might be surprised how a beautiful new sink and faucet can elevate your kitchen's style without breaking the bank.  Our store offers a wide variety of sinks and faucets to fit and budget and design aesthetic, so you can find the perfect balance of form and function.  

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Style Inspiration:

Now for the fun part!  Once you've tackled the practical considerations, you can unleash your inner designer.  Browse magazines, scour Pinterest, and visit kitchen showrooms to find styles that resonate with you.  Keep in mind the overall aesthetic of your home - a modern faucet might clash with a traditional kitchen.  Remember, timeless design choices will ensure your kitchen stays current for many years to come.

Finding the Perfect Team:

Depending on the scope of your remodel, you might need a contractor, designer, plumber and other specialists.  Get recommendations, read reviews and interview potential candidates before making any decisions.  A great team can help you navigate the entire process from initial planning to the final installation of your brand new kitchen!

By considering these 5 factors before your kitchen remodel, you can ensure a smooth and successful project that results in a kitchen you'll love for years to come.  Happy remodeling!


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