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How to Keep Copper Sink From Tarnishing

Imagine you've just installed a shiny new copper sink in your kitchen. It looks fantastic and becomes the centerpiece of the room. But after a few weeks, you notice the color starting to change. This change, known as tarnishing, is common in copper sinks. Water splashes can cause tarnishing, resulting in darker spots or greenish areas due to oxidation. It's normal for this to happen, but it might make your shiny new thing look less attractive. There's no need to worry! There are effective ways to keep your copper sink looking fresh and prevent excessive tarnishing.

Discover how to maintain your copper sink's beauty in this article. Learn why sinks change color, follow easy daily cleaning steps, and use safe products.  Explore the Protection Grid collection for more care tips.

Understanding Copper Sink Discoloration

It happens when copper reacts with air, water, and chemicals. This reaction makes a protective layer called patina, which changes the sink's color. It's like how an apple turns brown when exposed to air.

Things that can cause this color change include the environment and household substances. Over time, your copper sink might get a rustic look because of the patina. Keep in mind that only some people are into this style. Some folks prefer the nice-looking and shiny appearance of new copper. The color change doesn't hurt the sink but might make it look less nice. Heavy color changes make the sink harder to clean.

How to Maintain a Copper Sink

Taking care of your copper sink is easy and helps keep it looking great. It just needs some basic, regular cleaning. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

Steps on Cleaning Copper Sink Daily

  1. Prepare Cleaning Solution: Start by mixing a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water. This gentle solution is perfect for daily cleaning without harming the sink's surface.

  2. Wet the Sink: Splash some warm water all over the sink to wet it. This helps the cleaning solution spread evenly.

  3. Apply Soap Mixture: Dip a soft sponge or cloth into the soapy water. Make sure it's not too soapy – a little goes a long way.

  4. Gentle Scrubbing: Use the sponge or cloth to gently scrub the sink. Focus on areas that are used more often and under the rim where grime can build up.

  5. Rinse the Sink: After scrubbing, rinse the sink thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

  6. Dry the Sink: Finally, dry the sink with a soft, clean cloth. This helps prevent water spots and maintains the shine of the copper.

Choosing Safe Cleaning Products for Your Copper Sink

Taking care of your copper sink is important, and using the right cleaning products is a big part of that. You want to keep your sink looking shiny and new without damaging it. Here are some safe and easy ways to clean your copper sink:

Vinegar and Salt Solution:

  • This is a simple mix you can make at home.
  • Just mix half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of water.
  • Use a cloth to rub this solution on your sink. Especially where there are stains or a lot of grime.
  • After you've scrubbed, rinse the sink with water and dry it right away. This helps keep your sink's finish safe and looking good.

Lemon and Salt Paste for Stubborn Stains:

  • Sometimes, you might have tough stains that need a bit more work.
  • For this, you can use a paste made from lemon juice and salt.
  • Apply this paste to the stains and scrub gently.
  • Just like with the vinegar solution, remember to rinse and dry your sink afterward.

Commercial Copper Cleaners:

For deep cleaning or tough tarnish, commercial copper cleaners are a great choice. These cleaners are specifically designed for copper sinks, helping to maintain their look without causing damage. Apply a small amount according to the instructions. Wear gloves to shield your hands from the cleaning.  Gently scrub your copper sink, then rinse and dry it.

Brands like Brass & Copper Cleaner Instant Cleaning & Tarnish Removal are known for their effectiveness on copper surfaces. They are especially useful for maintaining a tarnish-free and polished look over time.

What to Avoid when Cleaning Copper Sink

Caring for your copper sink the right way means knowing what not to do. Here’s a simple guide to keep your sink in great shape:

  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Products like scouring powders and cream cleansers are too abrasive. They can scratch the copper, leaving unsightly marks and ruining its smooth finish. These scratches also make the sink more prone to future damage and staining.

  • No Bleach: Bleach and products containing bleach are harmful to copper sinks. They can cause discoloration and strip away the natural patina, the protective layer that develops over time. This can lead to a dull and uneven appearance.

  • Skip Strong Chemicals: Drain openers and other harsh chemical cleaners can react negatively with copper. They can lead to tarnishing, permanent staining, and might even weaken the metal. This could shorten its lifespan.

  • Soft Scrubbing Only: Using steel wool, abrasive scrubbing pads, or rough brushes can create scratches and grooves. These scratches not only ruin the look of the sink but can also become breeding grounds for bacteria and grime.

  • Watch What's in the Sink: Leaving acidic or oily foods like tomatoes, lemons, or sauces in the sink can cause the copper to discolor and tarnish unevenly. These substances can wear down the patina, leading to spots where the copper looks different from the rest of the sink.

  • Personal Care Products: Residues from things like toothpaste and shaving cream can leave stains on the copper. These stains might be hard to remove and can permanently mar the sink's appearance.

By staying away from these harmful things, you protect your copper sink and keep it looking good. This makes the sink look unique. When you take care of it the right way, this change looks nice and keeps your sink looking great.


This guide has shown how to look after a copper sink. It's about cleaning it every day with simple soap using safe cleaners. And try DIY cleaning tricks like lemon juice and baking soda. Following these easy tips will help keep your copper sink shiny and looking good, ensuring it's a lovely part of your home for a long time.

To keep your copper sink in perfect condition, check out our Protection Grid collection for the best care products. Keep your sink shining and extend its beauty with the right tools and solutions. Explore our range today and give your copper sink the care it deserves!

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