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5 Clever Ideas to Help with Kitchen Organization

The thing I noticed most about packing to move is the incredible amount of stuff that gets hidden away in the kitchen.  Pots and pans, small appliances, utensils, cans and packages, dishes and so on.  It’s no wonder that organization in the kitchen is one of the most important things for a cook to consider!

So, I thought I’d put pen to paper and share some of the tricks and tips that have served me well.  I hope you find some good ideas for your kitchen!

1. Think Vertical…

And pullout!  I keep an inventory of spices for baking and cooking alike.  But, when I need something, I might find myself rummaging through jars and packages of all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes the item I want is way at the back of the cupboard.  Sound familiar? 

I looked around and found a spice organization system that not only allowed me to use vertical space, but also let me see everything at once.  The racks pull out and are divided into small sections letting me see the individual jars instantly.  There are several on the market, but I like Vertical Spice.  In fact, I own a lovely set of these and wouldn’t be without them  

They have systems for canned goods as well as spice jars.  Problem solved!  And, they were kind enough to offer Uptown customers a special coupon! 

Use code Uptown10 for a discount on your purchase at Vertical Spice

Spice Rack 222x2x11

2. Culinary Work Station

A sink with integrated accessories gives you ready access to things you need.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but make food prep a breeze!

We are in LOVE with the Franke Culinary Centre undermount sink!  The accessories include: cutting boards and mats, a knife holder with chef’s knives, colander and dish drying rack.  All exactly where you need them.

 And, of course, all the parts are moveable.  Think of Transformer toys!



 3. Bamboo Drawer Inserts

These bamboo dividers fit most drawers.  

Some are expandable.  They come in various configurations depending on what you want to store.

I use one to divide my cutlery.  One for baking utensils.  Another for spatulas, spoons, ladles and such.  Another for odds and ends; potato peelers, bottle openers, kitchen shears. No more rummaging through drawers! 

Available at Costco, Amazon and others.

 4. Custom Kitchen Island

If you have the space and budget, spring for a custom island.  With the help of a local cabinet maker, we designed a beautiful walnut island specifically to fit my small appliances. 

We measured the Vitamix, mixer, ice cream maker, and food processor. We adjusted the design so everything had a place.

The sky’s the limit here!  A bar sink (or prep sink) like this one makes it easier for two people to work at once  


An integrated cutting board and waste bin are also great ideas!

 5. Antique Armoire

A beautiful piece antique furniture adds a focal point to an otherwise modern space.  Either in the kitchen or nearby, use it to store wine glasses, liquor, and candles.  I also use mine for napkins and table linens.

Think of your space and what you need to store.  Then hit Craigslist, cruise antique stores or even thrifts.  I say that if you look hard enough, the right piece will find you!

So, there you have it!  Our 5 best ideas to help you organize your kitchen.  Check out more tips and ideas in our recent blogs or sign up to get great ideas and product highlights right in your inbox!

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