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5 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands for a Commercial Style Kitchen

Picture a busy juice bar where blenders are buzzing, and the workers are busy helping customers. Imagine getting frustrated because the sink's faucet is slow and causing issues. This often happens in busy juice bars, showing how important it is to have strong and good faucets that always work. Spending more on these good faucets is a smart idea to ensure the juice bar runs smoothly and serves delicious drinks without any extra issues.

Explore the significance of commercial kitchen faucets in busy cafes and schools. The article covers top brands and various faucet types to aid in making an informed choice. Discover essential factors for selecting the best faucet for your kitchen. Ensure you don't miss out on valuable insights – read the full blog for a smarter decision regarding your kitchen faucet.

The Importance of Quality Kitchen Faucets in Commercial-Style Kitchens

Commercial kitchen faucets are really good for busy kitchens. They have tall spouts, pull-down sprayers, and spring-covered hoses. These things make cleaning dishes and filling pots quick and easy.

These faucets are tough for busy kitchens. They handle lots of water and pressure, lasting a long time. Though a bit more expensive, they're worth it. They make the kitchen work better and need fewer fixes. The brand is important When buying a faucet for a commercial kitchen. Each brand has different styles and features to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Top 5 Rated Kitchen Faucet Brands

Whitehaus Commercial Faucet

The Whitehaus WHS1644-SK Commercial Faucet is tough and long-lasting. It's made from stainless steel to resist rust. It has a pull-down spray head with stream and spray modes. You can control the spout and spray separately with two levers. The swivel spout support bar makes it easy to use.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Easy single-hole deck mount
  • Simple lever handles for easy use
  • Uses a ceramic disc cartridge for smooth operation
  • Works with hot and cold water
  • ADA compliant for accessibility; Lead compliant for safe water usage
  • WaterSense certified for water efficiency according to EPA standards

Alfi Brand Kitchen Faucet

Alfi Brand has introduced a new double spout commercial spring kitchen faucet. This family-owned business focuses on creating stunning kitchens and bathrooms. They are dedicated to designing unique, functional, and beautiful products. Alfi Brand knows quality matters and cares about people on a budget.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Easy control - pull right for pressure, push front/back for water temperature
  • Built strong with a ceramic disc cartridge
  • Features a handy spray button for reaching any part of the sink
  • Hot and cold are included for easy installation
  • Adds extra height and a striking look
  • Comes with a spring neck and an extra swivel spout

Blanco Urbena Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

The Blanco Urbena kitchen faucet is a top choice. It has a pull-down hand spray with two spray options and a 190° swivel for easy movement. It's made strong with solid brass and a ceramic disc cartridge. The flow rate is 1.5 GPM, balancing efficiency and power.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Pull-down hand spray with two spray options
  • Solid brass construction
  • Color-coded supply lines
  • Easy installation with included parts
  • Meets various quality standards

Kraus Kitchen Faucets

Kraus, a newer player in faucets, has made a mark with its industrial-style designs. Despite being a budget-friendly choice, these faucets pack a commercial punch. They're known for easy installation, intuitive controls, and a sleek look. Just be mindful that their commercial design might need a bit more space. Kraus, in business since 2007, has become a go-to for those seeking affordable and stylish kitchen faucets.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Simple setup for convenience
  • Easy to use without complications
  • Known for its professional and industrial look
  • Some designs might take up more room
  • A newer player but steadily gaining recognition

Grohe Kitchen Faucets

Grohe, a famous brand, has won 240+ design awards in the last decade. They offer various faucets but are pricey for quality materials and designs. Repairs can also hit the wallet.

Specifications and Additional Features:

  • Easy setup for convenience
  • Choose from 91 different faucets
  • Grohe faucets come with a higher price tag
  • Some users reported low water flow on certain models
  • Quality comes with a cost, even for fixing

What Are the Different Faucet Types?

There are four main types of faucets. They can have two or a single handle; some may have a pulldown feature.

Ball Faucet

A ball faucet has one handle that can be made of plastic or metal. The handle moves to control the water flow and temperature. Over time, the rubber seals in these faucets can dry out and cause leaks.

Disc Faucet

Disc faucets have a modern look and a side handle. They use a pressure balance cartridge to mix hot and cold water. Two discs inside the faucet control the flow while moving the handle from side to side regulates the temperature. Disc faucets are known for being reliable and less prone to leaks compared to ball faucets.

Compression Faucet

Compression faucets form a seal with a washer when turned off to prevent water flow. When turned on, a stem rises to break the seal and allow water to flow. It is older and cheaper. But they are more likely to develop leaks over time because the washers inside them wear out.

Cartridge Faucet

Double-handle cartridge faucets work like compression ones but are smoother. No extra pressure is needed to turn them off. They use a cartridge with O-rings to seal to the faucet base. Cartridge faucets are easy to repair and less likely to leak.

A Simple Guide for Choosing the Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

When choosing high-quality commercial kitchen faucets, consider the following:

  1. Smooth operation: The faucet should have a smooth switch that is neither loose nor tight. The handle should be conveniently positioned for easy operation.
  2. Easy to clean: Look for a faucet with a simple design and a hard coating. Complex shapes and low-hardness surfaces can be difficult to clean and prone to staining.
  3. Proper size: Consider the size of your sink when selecting a faucet. Ensure the outlet is positioned in the middle of the sink and has a 180° or 360° rotation. This helps prevent water splashing and provides optimal coverage.
  4. Water-saving features: Choose a faucet that reduces water consumption and costs. Look for models with aerators that mix air into the water, minimizing splashing while maintaining water pressure.
  5. Matching style: Choose a faucet that complements the overall decoration style of your kitchen. Pay attention to the design and surface finish to ensure it aligns with the desired aesthetic.


We discussed the best kitchen faucet brands: Whitehaus, Alfi Brand, Blanco Urbena, Kraus, and Grohe. We explored different faucet types such as ball, disc, compression, and cartridge. The key factors we focused on were smooth operation, easy cleaning, the right size, water-saving features, and matching style. The main idea is to invest smartly in these brands for a smoother kitchen experience.

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